Back in June 2017, my friend and Creative Producer at Bait Studio, Pete Rogers contacted me about a job that had landed on his desk – a motion comics style music video for a classic rock band. After I said I was interested and sent him some examples of my work to show the producers, Pete revealed the band in question was Deep Purple!

The concept came straight from the boss at earMusic via the producers Craig Hooper and Collin Games at Coolhead Productions. Pete served as producer and co-director. After working up a storyboard (see some examples, below) and an animatic, I created some 44 different shots – all multi-layered 4k resolution Photoshop files – for the motion designers at Bait Studio to work their magic on.

The video shows the band members on a journey through artic landscapes onboard an icebreaker, and contains many visual nods to the Deep Purple back catalogue.

I think everyone was really happy with the end result, having created something quite unique for such an iconic and influential rock band.